Company Profile

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD is an International Money Transfer Organisation based in the UK.  We recognised the need for ethnic and migrant communities to finance their loved ones in the countries of origins and hence started offering money transfer services in the UK in 2008.  The organisation brought with them diverse expertise, wealth of knowledge and customer service experience to convey fast, reliable and trustworthy finance remittance solutions to its clients.

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD is well known for providing its clients private and business with comfort, convenience, peace of mind and flexibility.

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD has become a well trusted and world renowned efficient and effective service to its clients utilising new technologies and skilled workforce.

Our Philosophy

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD philosophy is based on the moral and ethical principles of sharing and empowering communities.

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD ensures that your loved ones get choice over where they receive money and also convenience.  DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD wants you to feel happy and confident with every aspect of the transfer process.

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD strongly believes that the communities it serves make great financial sacrifices to send money to families and communities across the world.  They may be the primary wage earners and with this flow of income back to the families, these funds are a very important source of income.  The recipients often depend on remittance to cover day to day living expenses to provide a cushion against emergencies or in some cases to make small investments.  For our customers easy and fast access to remittance funds has the potential to bring profound change to their lives, and to the social and economic growth of their communities.  For receiving countries, the funds that go through DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD have huge economic and social benefits on a national and international scale. These are vital and largely make unseen contribution to international development.

DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services (FCA No: 579306.). It is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) MLR Reg: 12363663. DOLLAR EAST UK MONEY TRANSFER LTD is a private limited company registered in England & Wales, Company registration: 6692184

Upcoming News
Good News!!
Dollar East UK Ltd has now started money transfer services for India.
We gaurantee to provide you the best Exchange Rate and Excellent Service.

Euro Payments
Euro Payments made easy with Dollar East UK Ltd, send EURO payments in minutes, most cost effective and reliable way.
For further information please contact us or one of our associates.

United Arab Emirates Service
We are delighted to add another valuable service to our profile. Now you can send money in UAE and collect in minutes.
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